Anonymous asked:
I need advice:/ Last year/begging of this year was really hard and I self harmed a lot and was in and out of the hospital. Lately I've been doing way better. The only issue I guess has been weight but it's not too bad. But today I self harmed again for the first time in 4 months and I don't even know why I'm not even upset???

Don’t worry. Everybody has issues with weight, I know I do. And you are beautiful no matte what the number on the scales say! About the self harm, that’s ok. Don’t worry or get upset about it. You are still doing so well! 4 months without cutting is amazing and such an achievement for you! Even though you have cut today it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t stop your progress. Just learn from it and learn from the feeling you got from before you cut. When you start feeling like that again try to do something that makes you feel better, whether that be talking to a friend, watching a film or tv programme, listening to music, painting, playing sport. Whatever! Just do anything you need to do to help yourself. It’s common for people who are going through things like these to relapse so you don’t need to feel bad about it. It’s common. And you can get better from this! 

Just remember that we are open any time to speak to you. I hope you get better <3 

Anonymous asked:
my boyfriend speaks to other girls - sometimes his ex's, he doesn't say anything bad but then when i ask who he's been speaking to he'll say 'no one' even if he's been speaking to them (i only know because i logged onto his Facebook :/) and i'm really scared that he'll start to like them and i don't want to lose him but i can't stop him from talking to them, i'm so insecure and all the girls he talks to are prettier/more confident than me so i don't know what to do :/

just talk to him. I’m the same as you, as are many other people, we worry that our significant other will find somebody better than ourselves. But if that were the case, why would they still be with you? If your boyfriend really does have something to hide, or really didn’t want to be with you, he wouldn’t. So the best advice here is just to talk to him, tell him that him speaking to his ex-girlfriends makes you uncomfortable and that it makes you worry. If he loves and cares about you, he’ll stop, or at least limit it and tell you the truth when he’s speaking to them. If he doesn’t stop and continues to lie to you, I’m sorry to say it, but the best advice then would be to let him go. You deserve a guy who’s only going to care about you, and will try to do whatever he can to make you happy. 

Anonymous asked:
i think my boyfriend may have cheated on me but i have no proof and i don't know what to do because he obviously won't admit it to me if he has, i don't want to break up with him without being sure but how could i find out? (we've been together 18months) i know there's no point being together without trust but i just need to know because i've been cheated on in the past so it could just be that which is making me feel this way but i need to be sure, could you suggest anything to help me? :/x

Just speak to your boyfriend about this cause if you don’t then things could just get worse, and it’ll be most likely you who gets hurt. Not him. If he has cheated on you, then you’ll have some serious decisions to make, if you stay together and try to work through it or you both decide to take a break or you finish you’re relationship for good. Some people say that once you cheat, they’ll do it again. For me I don’t believe that, cause I’d say some people will only do it the once, but it depends on the person doing the cheating and the other people involved. 

I hope things work out well for you, and I hope to god that he hasn’t cheated on you. 

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We're still open for buisness, so if you need someone to talk to. Come talk to us!
Also for the previous anon -

Don’t be embarrassed! It just doesn’t happen to some people early! I was a late bloomer. I got together with my first proper boyfriend (not including silly primary school ones) when I was 16, and I’m still with him. I know people older than me who have never had one! The fact that you haven’t had a boyfriend yet does not mean that you are “undate-able”, it just means that you obviously have higher standards than your friends and will not date anybody just to have a boyfriend. This is a really good thing, it shows that you are your own person and don’t just follow the crowd. Embrace it! It will happen for you, I promise. Just don’t be embarrassed that it hasn’t.

~~Hannah ♥

Anonymous asked:
i'm 14 and i've never had a boyfriend, i've only kissed someone. I feel like an outcast because everyone i know has either got a boyfriend or has had one, it's so embarrassing.

It’s not embarrassing. I never had my first kiss till I was 14 and I never got a boyfriend till I was more or less 15. 

The first guy I was kinda “with”, fucked me about for about 3/4s of a year and said he went out with me for a joke. So, trust me, it isn’t always the best thing to rush into having a boyfriend. You’ll find the right guy when the time comes! But in the mean time, enjoy yourself. Being in a relationship isn’t everything! And you’re still young, enjoy it. You’ll be pissed at yourself in years to come when you know you spent most of it moping around or just hanging around with the wrong folk. 

Anonymous asked:
So, recently there has been lots of arguing in my family and i'm really not happy. i started cutting again after it took me years to stop. i want to live with my mum but i can't. It just feels like i can't be happy, and i can't deal with it anymore.

Has the arguing been involving you personally? Like between you and your parents? Or just between siblings or your parents? I hope everything get’s ok. But cutting won’t help. If you can, try stop like you must have done before hand. 

How come you can’t live with your mum? Is there no way you can sort it out with your parents or something? I’m sure there must be some way around it all. And you can be happy trust me! Times will be hard but they’ll get better. And if you EVER need a friend to speak to, you can always come here and speak to me (Lauren) or Hannah? One of us will always be able to talk to you!

Anonymous asked:
How do I know if a guy likes me more than a friend? I've been close friends with this guy for several years, and I feel like he loves me but I can't be too sure. I'm in love with him, so it would be great if he felt the same.

You can go a couple of ways…

  1. Just tell him how you feel, and see how it goes from there…
  2. Flirt with him, see if he flirts back and if he does keep going from there. Maybe go to the cinema and end up lying into his shoulder?
  3. Or you can just leave it, but don’t do that! Do 1 or 2

Hope this helps, if you want any more ideas for 1 or 2 just message back ok?

Anonymous asked:
I'm a 17 year old guy and I think I have an eating disorder.. I don't care what I eat, but I'm obsessed with staying in shape. I don't want to be overly muscular though. I feel horrible about myself if I don't workout. I guess I'm obsessed with my overall appearance. I've been diagnosed with depression and I've been dealing with self harm for a few years, so mental illnesses are nothing new to me. Do you think I may have an eating disorder?

I think you may have one, but I’m not doctor, so go see professional help please? Talk to your doctor or any other doctor and you can be properly checked out for it ok? Don’t worry about it. It’ll be fine, just go ask check. (:

Send us some questions/quires!
Anonymous asked:
From omegle, Um how do i tell my parent that im bi

Just tell them. Don’t be scared. If they don’t listen to you or ignore you or start a fight. FUCK ‘EM. They should love you no matter what! Just tell them when you feel ready. 

Anonymous asked:
So, I took your advice about telling my bff I'm in love with him, although he doesn't know yet, since I have to send the letter. I can't call, text, or tell him in person, the whole Army thing. I'm terrified even though I'm pretty sure of the outcome, negative outcome. But I'm glad I did it being that I think this will help me get over him if this doesn't work out. Thanks for your advice, (:

Awwh that’s so wonderful! Tell me what happens when he gets back to you please, I LOVE hearing about little love stories from people! And don’t be scared that there will be a negative, it is more than likely going to turn out well. And no problem, come back, any time! 

Anonymous asked:
I'm in love with my bff. This past yr we've gotten rly close, we ended up having sex twice. & still nothing was awkward, after awhile I started liking him & he found out, nothing changed. He flirted more often, tried to kiss me once I turned him down & he's asked me to move with him (he's in the army). I never knew if he was serious. Hes now getting serious with a girl he messes with, but idk if it's real, he tells me its not, that its just sex. Should I tell him my feelings are stronger or no?

Tell him before it’s too late. Find out if he likes you. And if he does. Get together. If not, leave him to it, you could still be friends, just no more sex, or it’ll mess you up more.